Pet Cards are 5.5” X 5.5” and printed on heavy Gloss Card Stock paper with a matte interior. The interior of the cards are blank to allow for your own personal greeting. Cards ship with a Purple, Blue, Gold or White envelope.




Frames are available so you can frame your card to show off as a nice little piece of art. Frames are solid wood painted black with plexi-glass to protect the card.




Card Gallery


Afgan_Hound    AmericanBulldog AmericanEskimo Bassett    Beagle  Berner    Bichon Boston_puppyBoston_Terrier  Boxer  Boxer_clip   Cavachon   Cavachon_2   Cavalier   Chihuahua   ChowChow  Dachshund   English_Springer  Fox_Terrier   Frenchie GermanShephard   GermanShorthairedPointer     GoldenKC  Golden_Morgan   GoodenDoodle     GreatDane    Greyhound  Husky     ItalianGreyhound   JackRussel  ChocLab   YellowLab  Mastiff   Pitbull     Pomeranian   MiniPoodle   Poodle   Pug_Color   PugBW   Puggle  Rottweiler   Samoyed Schnauzer    SharPei  Sheltie_Blue   Sheltie_brown  ShihTzu_BamBam   ShihTzu_RegCut  Spaniel    Vizsla   Weimaraner   Westie  Wheaton Yorkie_blue   Yorkie_Brown




Cat_Elvis   Cat_Beans   Cat_Naomi   Cat_Stewart   Cat_Toby   Happy_Cat



Horse_Cassie   Rabbit



Custom_Boone   Custom_Jack   Custom_Kingston   Custom_PennyLola