Portraiture Creation

When you are ready to have your pet’s portraiture created, simply:

1. Send a photo of your pet


Digitally via email – send to topdog@pet-portraiture.com. Please make sure the photo is high resolution to ensure detail of the portraiture.

Via mail – send to:
Pet Portraiture
5711 N Glenwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60660

The photo will be scanned and then returned back to you.

2. Choose the type and finished size of your portrait.  You have the option of a matted/framed digital print or gallery wrapped canvas print.

Framed Prints range in size o 13” X 13” to 24″ X 24”.
Canvas Prints range in size of 14” X 14” to 58” X 58”.

Please send your dimension requests to topdog@pet-portraiture.com and a price quote will be forwarded to you.

3. Choose colors (optional)

If you have colors that you prefer to use in the portrait, please forward your request and every effort will be made to accommodate your request. You can also check out color options (see below) to see if there are any color combinations you would like used in your pet’s portrait.

4. Approve the Sample


Once the portraiture has been colored in, a sample of the finished print will be emailed to you for your approval. If everything looks good, the process will be completed. If there are any changes you would like made, I will work with you until you are happy with the final results.

Once everything is completed, delivery arrangements will be made.

Color Options: 


Aplha_3X3 B     Carter_3X3 B     Magnus_3X3 B     Otto_2X2

Rafael_3X3 B     Shorty_3X3 B     Stewart_3X3 B


Bright Pastels

Alley_3X3 BP       Lilly_3X3 BP       Murphy_3X3 BP       Science_3X3 BP

Stanley&Izzy_3X3 BP



Baja_3X3 N       Carson_3X3 N       Cassie_horse_3X3 N       Diesel_1X1

Hannah_3X3 N       Molly_3X3 N       Scout_3X3 N      shelby_3X3 N

Wiley_Comet_3X3 N



Bailey_3X3 C      BrunoDaisyLupoScoozi_3X3 C       Coco_1X1       daisy_dolly_3X3 C

Deegan_3X3 C      Ellie_Mae_3X3 C       Huckleberry_3X3 C      Iris_3X3 C

Louie_1X1        Penni_Lola_3X3 C       Rosie_3X3 C      sammie_alex_3X3 C]


Blues, Greens, & Purples

Bailey_3X3 BGP        Harley_3X3 BGP        Lucy_3X3 BGP        LucyP_EllieL_3X3 BGP

Macy_3X3 BGP        Midori_3X3 BGP        Oliver_3X3 BGP        Sachi_3X3 BGP

Sailor_3X3 BGP        Sammy_3X3 BGP


Black and White

Kodi_3X3 BAW       Phantom_3X3 BAW       Yao_3X3 BAW



Luc_3X3 P        Nixon_3X3 P        Ruby_3X3 P


School Sports Colors

Horse_kiss_3X3 SSC       Nate_3X3 SSC