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Pet Portraiture began as an idea for Christmas gifts for friends of Nadine.  She had taken photos of her friend’s pets and wanted to use them as part of the gift.  Being inspired by the great artist Andy Warhol, she created Portraitures from the photos she took.   Zen, the white boxer; Gomer, the mini-poodle; Beans, the spunky black cat; and Stinky, the friendly sweet yellow cat began Pet Portraiture.  They were such a hit with her friends that she was asked to decorate the Chicago Veterinary Emergency examining rooms with portraits of the employee’s pets.  The rest is history!

Nadine is a local girl, born in the suburbs of Chicago.  She graduated from Columbia College with a BA in Multi-media and Graphic Design and has an extensive art background in various mediums including photography, painting and fashion design.  Her love of art began when she was very young.  Her love of animals, especially dogs, began with the first family dog – a loving mutt named Benji.

Nadine now lives in Chicago with her two dogs, Buster and Rosco.  Codi, the portrait you see on the business cards and all her advertising, was her 16 year old Beagle who is now chasing rabbits in doggie heaven.

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